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NEW YORK, Jan 10, 2002 -- AIG Global Trade and Political Risk Insurance Company, a member company of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), has introduced a new political risk insurance coverage for small and mid-sized companies.

AIG Global's Political Risk Insurance for Middle Market Companies protects small to mid-size businesses with cross border businesses and contracts against government interference.

"Smaller businesses expanding their operations into foreign markets can suffer significant financial hardship when unexpected political events adversely affect their cross border exposures," said John Salinger, President, AIG Global Trade and Political Risk Insurance Company. "The availability of political risk insurance, as well as the global reach and experience of AIG Global, provides middle market businesses with a valuable asset previously not at their disposal."

AIG Global's Political Risk Insurance for Middle Market Companies covers losses from confiscation, expropriation, nationalization and selective discrimination for permanent investments and mobile assets, and embargo and license cancellation for cross-border contracts. The policy offers coverage in more than 100 countries, covering all regions in the world.

For more information on Political Risk for Middle Market Companies, contact Ray Ruga at 212/770-7357 or visit the website at www.http://aigglobal.aig.com.

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