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NEW YORK, September 22, 1999 – AIG Environmental, a division of the American International Companies, announced that Underground Storage Tank (UST) liability insureds* of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) member companies will have access to a 24-hour telephone hotline service to help insureds manage potential environmental incidents. The service will be provided by Tanknology-NDE International, Inc., a provider of outsourced environmental compliance, information services, maintenance dispatch, and construction management to select facility owners and operators, with particular emphasis on petroleum fueling systems.

The service is offered by AIG Environmental free of charge to UST insureds and will be staffed on a 24-hour basis with compliance analysts from Tanknology who will answer questions and direct activities in the event of a potential environmental incident at a fueling facility. Analysts may direct station operators to conduct on-site investigation or initial abatement procedures, dispatch testing or maintenance contractors, and make proper regulatory notifications to environmental agencies.

“The risks UST owners face when environmental incidents at fueling facilities occur increase exponentially when not addressed in an immediate and proper manner,” said Joseph Boren, President, AIG Environmental. “By having 24-hour access to the compliance experts at Tanknology, our UST insureds can reduce their risk of regulatory violations and fines due to lack of proper response or notifications.”

AIG Environmental, with insurance products underwritten by AIG member companies, is the leading U.S. provider of environmental insurance products and services.

For more information on AIG Environmental's UST Liability Insurance and related loss prevention services, contact 1-800-348-4314 Dept. UST99PR or aigenvironmental@aig.com

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