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NEW YORK, February 5, 2001 - American International Group, Inc (AIG) has announced that AIG Private Client Group, a division of the American International Companies, will offer Kroll Associates' personal security services to high net worth individuals and their families.
AIG Private Client Group clients will have access to Kroll's broad offering of security services to protect their families and valuable assets. Kroll's personal security services are designed to reduce security risk exposures before an incident occurs and respond to security or safety crises that may arise.

Kroll has created a package of services specifically to complement AIG Private Client Group's insurance offerings, that includes:

Employee Coverage and Screening

AIG Private Client Group offers access to workers compensation and employment practices liability insurance for wealthy families who employ domestic staff. Kroll offers essential background information on a potential employee's criminal, financial and driving history and will monitor employees' ongoing performance through surveillance and other techniques. Kroll can also offer employees of AIG Private Client Group insureds driver training, firearm safety and self-defense courses.

Electronic Identity Theft Consulting

AIG Private Client Group offers access to insurance that reimburses expenses necessary to restore an insured's identity after fraudulent activity. Kroll will evaluate an insured's computer usage and offer programs designed to mitigate the risk of electronic identity fraud and other electronic intrusions that can compromise the assets and personal security of an insured.

Crisis Management

AIG Private Client Group offers access to kidnap and ransom insurance for individuals and families that travel internationally. Kroll will provide AIG Private Client Group insureds with customized pre-incident training, analysis and advice to reduce the chances an insured will be targeted in a kidnapping or extortion scheme. Additionally, Kroll offers global travel advisory services and information on issues ranging from terrorist activities to common street crime.

In the event that a kidnapping or extortion incident does occur, Kroll can supply clients with strategic advice needed to resolve an incident-in-progress, and provide on-site assistance as needed.

"High net worth individuals require specialized services that can mitigate risks that threaten their families and assets, as well as respond to crises," said Ross Buchmueller, President, AIG Private Client Group. "Our relationship with Kroll furthers our commitment to providing innovative risk management services to help wealthy clients and their advisors manage their unique individual risks."

"Today, business and leisure activities take high net worth individuals and their families to the four corners of the globe. With these opportunities come a variety of risks that can, and should be mitigated," said Michael Cherkasky, President of Kroll Associates. "Our expanding partnership with AIG Private Client Group enables its high wealth clients to benefit from the high level of physical, educational and informational risk mitigation they deserve."

Headquartered in New York, Kroll Associates is the world's leading business investigations, security and intelligence firm, with a global organization offering insights into issues facing leading corporations, law firms, financial institutions, private individuals and governments. Kroll Associates is a subsidiary of The Kroll-O'Gara Company (Nasdaq: KROG).

AIG Private Client Group offers a customer driven focus and access to insurance coverages and value-added services that enhance protection and can minimize threats to the personal wealth and safety of high net worth clients and their families. AIG Private Client Group's insurance product offerings include automobile, homeowners, private collections and excess liability as well as specialized products such as kidnap and ransom, aviation and watercraft coverage. In addition to comprehensive portfolio products, AIG Private Client Group provides access to art collection management, security and residential services.

AIG is the leading U.S.-based international insurance and financial services organization and the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance in the United States. Its member companies write a wide range of commercial and personal insurance products through a variety of distribution channels in approximately 130 countries and jurisdictions throughout the world. AIG's global businesses also include financial services and asset management, including aircraft leasing, financial products, trading and market making, consumer finance, institutional, retail and direct investment fund asset management, real estate investment management, and retirement savings products. American International Group, Inc.'s common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as the stock exchanges in London, Paris, Switzerland and Tokyo.