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“ Stevens Point, WI (June 20, 2007) – Five AIG Travel Guard employees who assist travelers everyday will embark on their own 14-day volunteer trip to Nandi, Kenya beginning Monday, June 25, 2007. They will be traveling as volunteers for the Make A Mark foundation, a nonprofit, humanitarian program founded in 1993 by John and Patty Noel that focuses on making a positive difference around the world.

In February of this year, the Make A Mark foundation received an invitation from their newest partner, Build The Village, to assist with the construction of houses and a primary school for AIDS orphans in Nandi, Kenya. Initially, the orphanage will house 50 children. The primary school will be open to the public, generating the necessary revenues to sustain the orphanage. When the offer to help was extended to Travel Guard, five employees agreed to volunteer their vacation time and cover their own expenses for the opportunity to lend a hand. Over the past six weeks, their co-workers have pitched in with a number of fundraising events to help offset some of their costs for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. positive difference around the world.

“I have never worked for a company that actively encourages employees to get involved in important causes. This company has made me a better person in many ways”, says Jennifer Dombrowski, a Travel Guard employee volunteering in Nandi at the end of this month. To Travel Guard employees, volunteering is part of a company culture that dates back to the company's inception in 1985. According to company Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Noel, giving back to the global and local communities that it serves is an important part of Travel Guard's corporate social responsibility.

Noel recently met with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and a group of senior business executives to discuss the need for significantly scaling up the response to AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

“Perhaps no where in the world is the need greater than Sub Sahara Africa,” Noel said. “By 2010, it's estimated that the AIDS pandemic in Africa will be responsible for 20 million orphans. To address this crisis, we need innovative solutions that go well beyond food, shelter and other short term needs. That's why Make A Mark has collaborated with government organizations, NGOs and faith-based organizations such as Build the Village to develop viable alternatives.”

“Together with Build A Village, Make A Mark has embarked on a project to build homes for 50 orphans and their caretakers in Nandi, Kenya,” Noel said. “We are also funding the construction of a primary school, which is open to the public. The school will generate revenues to sustain the needs of the orphans and their caretakers. In the second phase of the project, we will build a secondary school and create homes for even more orphans. The goal is to utilize revenues from the school to take care of more orphans and vulnerable children in the area.”

Make A Mark was established in 1993 as a non-profit, humanitarian program focused on making a positive difference in the lives of our global neighbors. The foundation provides financial support for causes that help children, the disadvantaged or that promote diversity. Make A Mark looks for opportunities where its funding can be used to leverage other contributions to ensure sustainability and results beyond what a single donation can achieve.

Make A Mark Foundation is championing initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa to address the problems arising from the AIDS pandemic by creating self-sustaining, intergenerational villages to support children and elders affected by AIDS. Visit www.makeamark.org for more information.

Similar to Make A Mark, Build the Village has been involved in constructing schools, orphanages, clinics, and establishing other self-sustaining projects throughout the world. Visit www.buildthevillage.org for more information.

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